Yet Another Brilliant Reward Scheme at Betfred Poker

You can always count on Betfred the “Bonus King” to come up with outstanding schemes which ‘wow’ the customers all over the globe. At Betfred Poker you are now enrolled automatically onto a stunning new Reward Program, which has been named your ‘Career’ path taking you on a virtual poker tour of the world’s most exciting gambling cities. The concept is absolutely breathtaking and puts a completely new angle on playing poker at Betfred. As soon as you start playing for real money in ring games and tournaments you are given career points at the rate of 20 for each US dollar spent in rake and buy in fees. These are accumulated in a special account that you can watch in your poker client which tells you when you have reached the next milestone in your career having accrued sufficient points.

Start In Your Home Town and Finish Up In Vegas!

You start off at Home and you need to get to your local pub and then to your local casino with very few career points which is highly motivating. You then head off towards the lights of London, Dublin, Cannes, Monte Carlo and across the seas to Macau a world famous gambling centre which is near Hong Kong in China, then finally to cap it all, you end up in Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps.

When you arrive at each milestone destination you are offered a spectacular range of promotional tournaments exclusively for that level, increasing in difficulty and prize money as you progress further around the globe. The aim is not only to give you greater rewards but more poker experience and expertise through a gradual learning curve. The whole career path idea is to make you a better poker player as you go along and a true champion by the time you reach Vegas! Register a new account now at Betfred Poker through our link below and you will get a fabulous welcome bonus to start your “Career” at Betfred Poker.


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