PokerStars RakeBack Review

PokerStars Information Rating 10/10
Poker Site PokerStars PokerStars Player Level 10
Website Games Offered 10
Established 2000 PokerStars PokerStars Bonus Value 10
License Isle of Man Traffic 10
Software Egen Download PokerStars Software 10
Marketing Code PSP7824 Support 10
Rakeback/Bonus T&Cs apply. 18+ Rating - 10/10

PokerStars Offers Rakeback Equivalent

Rake is the amount that a player contributes to the poker room to pay for its services. Poker players compete against each other and not against the house as you do with casino wagering and sportsbetting. Poker rooms openly charge a small amount of cash on every hand that a player actually plays in a round table real money game.

Similarly a small charge is made to buy into a tournament which is not put into the prize pool but taken as a fee for organizing and hosting the tournament. Poker rooms may decide to reward loyal players with a percentage rebate on the rake and tournament fees that they have paid over time calling this “rakeback”.

PokerStars offers players the equivalent of rakeback through a very generous reward program called the VIP Club. The rewards are not paid to players directly in hard cash but through a sign up bonus and awarding VIP points and frequent player points to players according to the amount of poker played at PokerStars. The FPPs can be used to buy extra bonuses, entry to tournaments and quality items from the PokerStars VIP store.

PokerStars’ Welcome Bonus

Customers who register a new account at PokerStars immediately receive can benefit from a FANTASTIC Welcome Bonus Offer! Players can benefit from the following deal:

  • UP TO $1500 Welcome Bonus
  • 100 Free Spins
  • Free Spins Offer applies to players’ first 3 Deposits.

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Rakeback from Games and Tournaments

PokerStars  awards more VPPs per raked dollar to tables with 8 players or more than to tables that have 7 players or less. The VPPs earned from the total rake for each hand are divided between the players with fractions of VPPs awarded when necessary.

Similarly the tournament fees earn VPPs depending on the amount   paid to enter a tournament. Overall, the rakeback equivalent averages out to about 34% whether a player participates in a full round table game, a short- handed game or in a tournament.

Rakeback Equivalent from Stellar Rewards

PokerStars introduced a bonus system in 2010 where players can earn Stellar Rewards of up to $1,200 over the year. These cash rewards can be bought from the VIP store monthly with frequent player points or FPPs earned through the accumulation of VPPs.

The VPPs determine the VIP status level of a player and each status level converts VPPs to FPPs at a different rate. The conversion rate increases the higher up the levels you go by playing plenty of poker. The stellar reward system translates to an equivalent of a 6.1% rakeback for the players at PokerStars.

Rakeback Equivalent through FPPs

Players earn FPPs at the same time as they are awarded with VPPs for playing poker. However, VPPs cannot be used to buy anything from PokerStars. It is the Frequent Player Points that are redeemable and can be used for buying anything from extra bonuses, entry to tournaments and goods from the VIP Store.

The effective PokerStars rakeback equivalent increases very rapidly as players improve their VIP status because the multiplier used for converting VPPs for FPPs increases in size. New Players setting up a new account at PokerStars can be sure that the effective rakeback equivalent resulting from the sign up bonus and the ongoing reward program will be between 21% and 50% depending on the amount and level of poker played.

This is a very lucrative reward scheme provided by the biggest poker room in the world and compares very favorably with any online direct rakeback offer.

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