PokerStars offers new players gigantic bonus

Create a free poker account with PokerStars and get a great poker bonus of 100% up to $600. Download PokerStars poker software today and play poker online.

If you have just discovered the great game of poker then go right ahead and sign up for free as a customer at the world’s largest online poker room. Every day you can meet thousands of other poker players with the same burning desire to play poker as you have.

PokerStars has something for everyone whether you want to play high stakes or low stakes in cash games or online tournaments. Every day there are lots of new customers eager to play online poker at the most popular poker room on the market.

At PokerStars you can meet all types of players  from some of the world’s best poker players to brand new poker players with little or no experience.  You can find exactly the kind of poker you want  at PokerStars at any time of the day or night.

You can even choose to play free poker because every day PokerStars hosts plenty of free poker tournaments where you can win real money without investing a single cent of your own cash.

There are also other forms of free poker tournaments where you can sign up with your FPPs (Frequent Player Points) and earn real money every time you play poker. When you have enough FPPs to participate in an FPP poker tournament  you can just sign up and try to win one of the many delectable prizes that are up for grabs. You can win cash prizes or lucrative packages to the biggest live poker events such as the WSOP.

Improve your PokerStars Status with VPPs

As well as earning FPPs every time you play online poker for real money at PokerStars you also earn VPPs or VIP Player Points. These points are not intended for buying into various online tournaments or for PokerStars merchandise.

These points are used to determine your VIP status and to calculate the conversion of your PokerStars poker bonus into cash. It is a fact that all new customers at PokerStars can get a mega PokerStars 100% bonus up to $600 when they make their first deposit at PokerStars.

Bonuses are awarded in connection with your first deposit and at PokerStars you can choose to make that deposit in 3 payments over 90 days. PokerStars gives you the opportunity to get the total 100% match bonus up to $600 even if you spread your first 3 deposits over the 90 day period.

In this way you do not have to make a large initial deposit and you can get a good feel for the game before you make larger subsequent deposits.

Remember to use the PokerStars bonus code

To get your PokerStars Poker Bonus simply remember to write PSP7824 when you are prompted to enter a bonus code when making your deposits. The PokerStars bonus code triggers the welcome bonus and you will get your deposit matched by 100% up to $600.

The bonus system is structured in such a way that once you have made your deposit you can see a pending bonus indicator on your PokerStars account. Here you can see how much bonus you are aiming for and what it takes to get it paid into your cash account.

PokerStars converts your bonus into cash in small installments of $10 for every 170 VPPs that you earn by playing poker in cash games and tournaments. This is done completely automatically with your $10 increments payed directly into your PokerStars player account every time you have earned the required 170 VPPs. You have 6 months to earn all the necessary VPPs before the bonus expires.

In order to benefit from this well structured and convenient  welcome bonus , go now to PokerStars and register as a new player.

Easy to clear the bonus

It’s fairly easy to play his PokerStars poker bonus free within the time limit. While new poker players who maybe are not so experienced yet, could play PokerStars bonus free without any major problems. How long and how much it takes depends in part on the size of the bonus, your abilities as a poker player and how much time you have available for the game of poker a day. The higher level you play, the better you are at poker and the more time you can play poker for the day, the stronger it goes to play poker free bonus.

An example

This can be illustrated by the following example, as best illustrated by describing two different Sit & Go players. Player A is a trained and experienced poker player who plays for the daily $ 22 Sit & Go tournaments, and can play 6 Sit & Go tournaments at the same time.

Player B is a brand new poker player who plays for the daily $ 5.50 Sit & Go tournaments, and can play a maximum of 2 Sit & Go tournaments at the same time. Both players can play around. 3 hours a day, and both players have added $ 100 to his PokerStars account.

In both cases, it takes about an hour to play a 9 man Sit & Go tournament that neither is a turbo or a hyper-turbo tournament.

We know that each player receives $ 10 per. 170 VPP they earn, and we know that you will earn 5.5 VPP for every $ 1 paid in tournament fee.

Player A will therefore be able to play his poker stars bonus of $ 100 free at approximately 8.5 days., I and he can play with 6 x $ 22 Sit & Go tournaments at the same time for 3 hours a day.

This gives him 2 x 5.5 = 11 VPP VPP per. Sit & Go tournament – 6 x 11 per VPP. hours = 66 per VPP. hours – 66 VPP x 3 = 198 per VPP. days. He must earn 1700 VPP to get the full bonus of $ 100 – 1700 / 198 = 8.5 days.

Player B could play his poker stars bonus of $ 100 free at 103 days approx. In and he can play 2 x $ 5.5 Sit & Go tournaments at the same time for 3 hours a day. This gives him 0.5 x 5.5 = 2.75 VPP VPP per.

Sit & Go tournament – 2 x 2.75 per VPP. h = 5.5 VPP per. hour – 5.5 VPP x 3 = 5.16 per VPP. days. He must earn 1700 VPP to get the full bonus of $ 100 to 1,700 / 16.5 = 103 days.

With the above examples show that it will never be worthwhile for novices, make a deposit of $ 100 When he could not get the entire bonus game free within 90 days.

Common to both is that they both get exactly the number of bonus money paid as they deserve and not lose any more or less of his bonus, compared to what they are entitled. This can come off if you choose to play poker online with a poker site where they do not pay the entire bonus before you have earned all the credits required.

In this way, one can easily run the risk of losing his entire bonus, if you do not have time to meet the bonus requirements. It is super important to prepare carefully before you accept a bonus offer from a poker room and read the small print bonus requirements for the given poker bonus, so you can quickly assess whether it is a poker bonus that is worth going after, and if you can manage to play all the bonus free from the skills you have as a poker player and the time you have available.

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