Discover Different Blackjack Games at William Hill Casino

Blackjack is a great game with a long history that stretches right back to the 18th century where the French created the game of ‘Vingt et Un’ which is translated as Twenty One. William Hill Casino offers Blackjack in the classic format to its clientele but it has also put a selection of Blackjack game variants for its customers to savor. Try out ‘21 Duel Blackjack’ which is a delicious variant with a load of spice which we all know is what makes life very enjoyable.

You are still required to play against the dealer reaching 21 or the closest to that number rather than your ‘Dealer’ opponent getting there first. However, instead of just getting the usual 1 card face down and 1 face up, you will also get 2 community cards dealt face up to be used by you or the dealer. Before you decide to keep the hand you have and continue with the game you will need to up the ante thus increasing the risk but also making it more lucrative when you win!

The Thrills at William Hill Casino Club Never Cease

Of course you are not obliged to continue with the game when the community cards have been dealt but if you fold you lose your ante. The thrills at William Hill Casino are guaranteed and with all the games available in demonstration mode and comprehensive rules posted next to the games you cannot go wrong. There is nothing like being encouraged to try out a game for free to get you really motivated and in most cases the players who try out new games go on to win plentifully and get a lot more added value from their membership at the William Hill Casino Club. Register a new account now through our link below and you will be up and running in no time at all and with a great welcome bonus to boot.


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