5 Tips for Winning Big in Online Poker Tournaments

Poker Tournament

There’s no question that playing online poker is fun, but playing alone can get quite boring after a while.

This is why a natural next step for most players is taking part in online tournaments. These tournaments are great, because they offer the same gameplay of normal online games, with the unpredictability and excitement of other human players.

For the player who wants to have a chance of winning big in such tournaments, here are 5 important tips to follow.

1. Create A Winning Environment

Before starting to play in a tournament, the player should prepare the area where s/he’ll likely spend several hours playing. Online poker tournaments, especially those which include thousands of players, can last for over 10 hours.

It’s important that a player is located in a room with comfortable seating, appropriate lighting, and ventilation. The player should also plan for food and drinks, avoiding alcohol and foods with too many carbohydrates. In this way, the player will be able to stay focused throughout the tournament.

2. Stick To A Strategy That Works

By the time a player is confident enough to participate in online poker tournaments, s/he would have inevitably found one or two strategies which work best. Since these competitions are unpredictable, it’s difficult to say which strategy is best and when.

The player should stick to using one or two strategies throughout. Trying new ways of playing during a tournament is risky because the player can easily get confused or disoriented as other players make their move.

3. Prepare A Suitable Bankroll

It’s inevitable that a poker player will lose more rounds than s/he’ll win. This is based on statistics and there’s really nothing a player can do about it, except prepare for and accept it.

A player should ensure that s/he has a bankroll which is several multiples of the tournament’s buy-in. This will give the player time to fold and raise when needs be.

4. Go With A Strong Hand

When playing in the initial phases of a poker tournament, the player will come across all sorts of players. There will be cautious players, as well as those who bluff regularly. It’s difficult for the player to filter between the two, so s/he shouldn’t.

Instead, s/he should go back to the basics of the game and play mostly when s/he has a strong starting hand. Having aces and kings is great, having a 2 and a 6, not so much.

5. Understand How The Tournament Develops

As the player progresses through the tournament s/he’ll eventually play shorthanded. With a smaller number of opponents, all the players tend to play more aggressively. They feel understandably confident because they got to this point in the tournament.

Whilst the player shouldn’t be tempted to play the weakest hands, the bankroll will decrease at a much faster rate at this point.

It would be necessary to become more flexible in the game and play with weaker hands. This becomes even more necessary when the player gets to the final showdown with only one opponent.

Top 3 Must-Attend Poker Events

Poker Events Autumn

This autumn will be action packed with a handful of poker events, some of which have already begun. The summer is lined up with tournaments that every poker player should try and make a date to attend.

WSOP Europe 2018

The 2018 World Series of Poker Europe is set to make a return to Rozvadov starting with the first official gold bracelet event starting on Tuesday 9th October at 6.00pm. The gold bracelet event has a €550 buy-in Colossus No-Limit Hold’em poker event with a €1 million prize pool guarantee and eight starting flights.

The event will be the first of ten WSOP gold bracelet events to be offered during the tournament series set to conclude officially on Friday 2nd November. The end of the series will be marked by a final table Main Event with a buy-in of €10,350 featuring a €5 million prize pool guarantee.

WSOP Europe 2018 is scheduled for October 9 to November 2 and features a €13 million prize pool guarantee adding in the preceding WSOP Circuit Event set to take center stage on 20th September to 8th October. WSOP Europe is strategically planned to take place at King’s Casino Rozvadoz in the Czech Republic, located in Central Europe, making it an easy travel destination for all Europeans.

Battle of Malta

The Battle of Malta which was awarded ‘’Best Low buy-in Tournament in Europe’’ back in 2015 is back bigger and better. This year’s event will be the seventh edition of Battle of Malta. The previous owner of the Battle of Malta, PokerListings has sold it to Eden Leisure Group (ELG), owner of the new Casino Malta, the Holiday Inn Express, the InterContinental Arena Conference Centre, and the Hotel Intercontinental.

The Battle of Malta main event has doubled the guaranteed prize pool to an outstanding €1 million compared to previous years, but the buy-in remains to be €550. The event has introduced unlimited rebuys, resulting to an even bigger prize pool.

The Battle of Malta is scheduled for October 25 to 30 and will take place in Malta’s entertainment center in St. Julian’s.

BPO East Coast Championship

The Eastern Poker Tour will be making a stop at Borgata Hotel & Spa on October 26 to 29, 2018. The event will have guaranteed pay-outs of over $100,000. This will include twelve £10,000 Player of the months, $30,000 Finals local championship plus a qualification to take part in the $300,000 Bar Poker Open annual championship.

Poker players can win a seat plus a full travel vacation to Las Vegas through Eastern Poker Tour events. Players can also win a seat for the December main event through charity events taking place from July to October. A win in the events guarantees a $100,000 prize pool for only $35 dealer fee.

EPT is also inviting the top 10% from 1st October 2018 to participate in the Bar Poker Open $100,000 for $185 only. Every Saturday as of August 18, EPT has been awarding free tickets to $30 Bar Poker Open Travel Satellites to players who finish in the top 10%. The tickets are redeemable, and one in forty entries will win an accommodation for four days and three nights at the Borgata Hotel & Casino.

This autumn is not shy of poker events with affordable buy-ins and vast sums of money up for grabs. The games lined up are suitable for any poker player, and the players are spoilt for choice in travel destinations.

Poker news

For the Poker lovers and gamblers who are not ready to make a trip to Las Vegas for the 2018 World Series of Poker, there is an alternative from are some live poker events across the United Kingdom and Ireland that are set to take place during this year’s summer.

The events will be held in some of the most resplendent casinos across both countries to give players a chance to try to make a fortune in an exceptional atmosphere.

A variety of major events in 2018

The 2018 Grosvenor UK Poker Tour’s fourth leg will take place early in the sixth month of the year guaranteeing €100,000 in its main event that cost €560 to join.

The Grosvenor 25/25 Series will have five events take place this June in different venues, Manchester, Aberdeen, Luton, Stockton, and Cardiff. They have a guaranteed €25000 prize pool and charge €225 to join.

Partypoker’s Dusk Till Dawn is also scheduled to have a couple of events take place between the 10th of June and the 17th of June, with guarantees of €40,000.

Alea casino in Glasgow is set to host the Unibet UK Poker tour towards the end of the month of June. For a €220 buy-in, one is allowed to try their luck for a share of at least €40,000.

888poker LIVE tour

Barcelona in May? Sounds good already. Throw in $1 Million in prizes across 12 days of poker and it becomes unmissable. That’s just what you’ll get when the 888poker LIVE tour hits the Catalan capital this summer.

The headliner is the €500,000 guaranteed Main Event with a buy-in of €1,100 but if that seems a bit steep there are multiple side events with buy-ins to suit most pockets, for example the €5,000 guaranteed High Noon Turbo with a €50 buy-in up to the €2,200 High Roller with a €100,000 prize pool.

You can also play online with 888poker and win a seat or a package if that works better for you. The package is worth $2,200 and includes your buy-in to the big one, accommodation for 3 nights and $220 for travel. Satellites are also available to the €100K opener from as little as 1 cent. Quite simply that’s value that you cannot argue with.

A World of Games and Tournaments at PartyPoker

PartyPoker has had its ups and downs since the time it was launched on the internet but a merger with Bwin poker in 2012 made it a truly superb poker room featuring cash games at every stake and level as well as massive guaranteed Sunday tournaments of $500,000 each week. The software is cutting edge and has integrated social features making it perfect for this day and age.


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Poker players cannot fail to be thrilled by the diversity of poker tournaments that are scheduled at PartyPoker the whole day long and by the fact that there are frequent freeroll tournaments running giving players the pleasurable chance of boosting their bankrolls for absolutely no money at all!


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PartyPoker is a card room which was launched in 2001 with the aim of providing an online poker room that would meet the needs of all types of poker players and of course the all-important customer who would like to learn to play poker and enjoy the pleasures that millions of people experience in the PartyPoker card room.

A highly polished online poker school is available for free on the home page under the ‘How to Play’ tab and you cannot fail to be impressed by the comprehensive explanations given in writing as well as the video tutorials that are of an outstanding quality. Whether you are a complete beginner who is totally clueless about the game of poker or already a dab hand, you will find plenty of information, tips and strategies to help you to master the game and aim to play with the very best players at PartyPoker.


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There are tournaments to suit the bank rolls of all players so don’t hesitate if you have a very limited budget as you will discover daily opportunities to play in satellite tourneys for tiny buy in fees where you have every chance of winning a free seat in a very expensive tournament! New players in the venue are challenged with ‘Get Started Missions’ as well as $20 of free cash to start playing at the tables before they make a deposit to their new Party Poker account. The seven introductory missions give players cash bonus rewards for successful completion of every mission along the way and invaluable experience in the card room. Players are not plunged in at the deep end but are gradually immersed in a superb world of very exciting poker play at one of the oldest online card rooms.


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Ladbrokes Poker is one of the outstanding Ladbrokes products that have been developed for the integrated betting and gaming platform that exists on the internet making it accessible to millions of people who live all over the world. Digital technology is evolving at an incredibly fast pace and has allowed Ladbrokes to migrate to the internet and put all of its online products under one ‘Umbrella’ making it very easy and practical for customers to have an immediate overview of the products offered simply by logging on and browsing around the platform at their own pace. The high quality brand which is certainly one of the ‘best of British’ businesses is no longer restricted to people living in the UK which is the original home of the Ladbrokes brand but has earned a superb reputation worldwide.

The Poker room which is one of the thrilling online products is very well structured with a wealth of attractive and convenient features designed to make the customer’s poker experience perfect from the beginning to the end of every session. Ladbrokes Poker is part of the largest online poker network in the world which is the famous iPoker network giving customers a much larger selection of guaranteed tournaments with big prize pools and a vast number of players in the card room at any time of the day or night which means that players don’t need to wait to begin playing at the cash tables.

A large volume of traffic allows players to find tables at all levels and stakes as there are always interested individuals keen to play whether it is at the smallest ‘micro’ stakes or at the highest limit table, the NL1000. The iPoker network also organizes ‘mind blowing’ live events in Las Vegas with opportunities given to players at Ladbrokes Poker to win all inclusive poker packages to these legendary events and play at the main poker tournament events where the buy in is fully covered by the card room as part of the prize. Live events are thrilling and unforgettable not only for the poker but for the superb atmosphere which is festive and happy for everybody.

People come together from all over the world to share in an occasion which involves a game that everybody in attendance is passionate about. Satellite tournaments run regularly at Ladbrokes Poker for as little as $1 buy in giving players repeated chances to qualify for all the high profile events, both online and in bricks and mortar casinos.


Sundays are Marvelous at Ladbrokes Poker

The ‘Big Sunday’ poker tournament with €100,000 guaranteed runs in the card room every week with qualifiers scheduled throughout the week for those players who prefer not to pay the €69 + €6 buy in directly but try to win a place at the tables for much less. The guaranteed sum of money is the minimum that is in the prize pool every week but normally due to a huge amount of interest, the actual prize funds are far more than that amount.