Betsafe Poker prepares for online GSOP

The team at Betsafe Poker has gone stark raving mad and has decided to create plenty of giveaway promotions in the month of September. It must be tourney fever that has got to them because they are anticipating the fantastic party atmosphere of their latest online GSOP which is aiming to be remembered as the biggest and absolutely the best online series ever run on the internet by Betsafe.

$3,100,000 prize pool

The prize pool will exceed $3 million at the standard online GSOP series with 100 free tickets are up for grabs. Another 160 free tickets are being given away for the online GSOP mini series where the prize pool exceeds $600,000 which is a very lucrative sum by anybodies standards.

In order to earn a minimum of 1000 player points which are needed to qualify for a free ticket from the $10,000 GSOP online giveaway you can spend the month of September playing in cash games and Sit & Go Heads Up qualifier tournaments until the 29th of September at a minute before midnight.

The Sit & Go Heads Up qualifiers commence as soon as 2 players sit at a table so you won’t waste time waiting and the buy in is $10 for the standard online giveaway. However if you find that its too much money or you don’t have enough time to earn 1000 player points then aim for the online GSOP mini series where its only  necessary to earn 250 player points in the whole month of September or play in cheaper Sit & Go tournaments with a buy in of $2.50.  When you qualify for your ticket or tickets because you can try to earn sufficient points for both the online GSOP series then you cannot exchange those free tickets for cash.

Get fantastic sign up bonus plus value back deal

If you are not already signed up as a customer at Betsafe, register now as a new customer and earn a 100% match bonus as a welcome from $25 up to $2000 based on what you select. You will also earn the most amazing cashback deal which is called value back by Betsafe which will give a boost to your pay roll every month by as much as 62.5% of the rake you contributed playing poker the month before.

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