A World of Games and Tournaments at PartyPoker

PartyPoker has had its ups and downs since the time it was launched on the internet but a merger with Bwin poker in 2012 made it a truly superb poker room featuring cash games at every stake and level as well as massive guaranteed Sunday tournaments of $500,000 each week. The software is cutting edge and has integrated social features making it perfect for this day and age.


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The Party Poker card room has designed top class mobile apps for players to download for free giving anybody with an Android or iOS powered device secure poker play on the move. The software is smooth and attractive making any kind of poker a superb option for players wanting to enjoy games and tournaments at any time of the day or night from wherever they might be.

Poker players cannot fail to be thrilled by the diversity of poker tournaments that are scheduled at PartyPoker the whole day long and by the fact that there are frequent freeroll tournaments running giving players the pleasurable chance of boosting their bankrolls for absolutely no money at all!


Millions of People Love PartyPoker

PartyPoker is a card room which was launched in 2001 with the aim of providing an online poker room that would meet the needs of all types of poker players and of course the all-important customer who would like to learn to play poker and enjoy the pleasures that millions of people experience in the PartyPoker card room.

A highly polished online poker school is available for free on the home page under the ‘How to Play’ tab and you cannot fail to be impressed by the comprehensive explanations given in writing as well as the video tutorials that are of an outstanding quality. Whether you are a complete beginner who is totally clueless about the game of poker or already a dab hand, you will find plenty of information, tips and strategies to help you to master the game and aim to play with the very best players at PartyPoker.


‘Grind’ Your Way to the Top With Little Money

There are tournaments to suit the bank rolls of all players so don’t hesitate if you have a very limited budget as you will discover daily opportunities to play in satellite tourneys for tiny buy in fees where you have every chance of winning a free seat in a very expensive tournament! New players in the venue are challenged with ‘Get Started Missions’ as well as $20 of free cash to start playing at the tables before they make a deposit to their new Party Poker account. The seven introductory missions give players cash bonus rewards for successful completion of every mission along the way and invaluable experience in the card room. Players are not plunged in at the deep end but are gradually immersed in a superb world of very exciting poker play at one of the oldest online card rooms.


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