5 Tips for Winning Big in Online Poker Tournaments

Poker Tournament

There’s no question that playing online poker is fun, but playing alone can get quite boring after a while.

This is why a natural next step for most players is taking part in online tournaments. These tournaments are great, because they offer the same gameplay of normal online games, with the unpredictability and excitement of other human players.

For the player who wants to have a chance of winning big in such tournaments, here are 5 important tips to follow.

1. Create A Winning Environment

Before starting to play in a tournament, the player should prepare the area where s/he’ll likely spend several hours playing. Online poker tournaments, especially those which include thousands of players, can last for over 10 hours.

It’s important that a player is located in a room with comfortable seating, appropriate lighting, and ventilation. The player should also plan for food and drinks, avoiding alcohol and foods with too many carbohydrates. In this way, the player will be able to stay focused throughout the tournament.

2. Stick To A Strategy That Works

By the time a player is confident enough to participate in online poker tournaments, s/he would have inevitably found one or two strategies which work best. Since these competitions are unpredictable, it’s difficult to say which strategy is best and when.

The player should stick to using one or two strategies throughout. Trying new ways of playing during a tournament is risky because the player can easily get confused or disoriented as other players make their move.

3. Prepare A Suitable Bankroll

It’s inevitable that a poker player will lose more rounds than s/he’ll win. This is based on statistics and there’s really nothing a player can do about it, except prepare for and accept it.

A player should ensure that s/he has a bankroll which is several multiples of the tournament’s buy-in. This will give the player time to fold and raise when needs be.

4. Go With A Strong Hand

When playing in the initial phases of a poker tournament, the player will come across all sorts of players. There will be cautious players, as well as those who bluff regularly. It’s difficult for the player to filter between the two, so s/he shouldn’t.

Instead, s/he should go back to the basics of the game and play mostly when s/he has a strong starting hand. Having aces and kings is great, having a 2 and a 6, not so much.

5. Understand How The Tournament Develops

As the player progresses through the tournament s/he’ll eventually play shorthanded. With a smaller number of opponents, all the players tend to play more aggressively. They feel understandably confident because they got to this point in the tournament.

Whilst the player shouldn’t be tempted to play the weakest hands, the bankroll will decrease at a much faster rate at this point.

It would be necessary to become more flexible in the game and play with weaker hands. This becomes even more necessary when the player gets to the final showdown with only one opponent.

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